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暮色领主 Lord of Twilight

by Fearless

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Song titles in Chinese:

1. 序幕
2. 暮色领主
3. 毁灭宫殿
4. 暴君的崛起
5. 美丽的身体
6. 吞噬黑暗


released March 1, 2012


all rights reserved



Fearless Shanghai, China

Melodic Death Metal from Shanghai,China
Since 2007

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Track Name: Lord of Twilight
Gloomy Ash scattered to wind flow
Through burning air with dust
Can you ever know the evil inside
Who's hiding from promising sky

Behind the shadow
Can you ever know
Hide in the hole
they will never know

Sun goes down
endless night
You will face the fight

And you will see
Before you're blind

When the first lustre was perished
From the last durance was extricated
Walls behind walls, shadows behind shadows
Tales of the lord must be told

Lord of Twilight!
Consume all
Lord of Twilight!
Silence, reign in somber earth
Track Name: Ruin the Palace
They don't afraid of anything
they just got someone to kill
With swords, with spears
they came from everywhere

The blood's flowing from afar
the weather's changing fast
Son of heaven has no idea
here comes the war,here comes the fire

They slaughter the prince,they ruin the palace
Through the death of the sun,A new world is born
they slaughter the prince,they ruin the palace
this flame cant be forbidden

So get yourself into battle
And make your enemies,Trembling

they slaughter the prince,they ruin the palace
Through the death of the sun,A new world is born
they slaughter the prince,they ruin the palace
this flame cant be forbidden
Track Name: The Tyrant Rises
This time I see the shadows
Surround my frail throat
Limbs are out of control
Their swords dance no more
Far away, the darkest soul
Has awaken to take all

Now I am dead and gone
For my highest lord
To revive
Come to bring the doom
Revoke what we don't
Belong to

I give to you
Let blood flows
Free my people
By his invincible
Ancient ghosts
Fight the rests
Back to the burning moor

All shields were broken
All armors were smashed
Our enemies were crumbled
After all, victors revengeful
The harbinger come true
The tyrant's back to rule

From one to another
War never ends
Peace is only in hope
Legacies cursed to remorse
All remains where
The final stand settles
Track Name: Beautiful Body
You Drop These bodies
With no mercy, no grace
and ya think they are beautiful
when they end up dead

You believe in what you see
That their lives were miserable
You think that is your call to make
Even it makes you a REAPER

They should die with their best looking,you say
Things will get better in their afterlife
They will write songs for my gracious intention
And I shall rise,you say


You take them in their sleeps
Its your mercy,your grace
What remains there,are not corpse
Extremely beautiful death
Track Name: Darkness Swallowed
I raise my sanity,say goodbye to the sun.
And I should close my eyes,to melt in the dark
For whats inside is fragile,seems to be strong.
Will never be able to live long.

Some still have twisted mind
Some always think they were right.
An unpredictable force,coming around.

Its time to show yourself,as a defeated king.
Its time to show your ring.

Stop that delusion,you are not worth saving.
Believe it or not,you are gonna fall.
Take your chances when the light screwed you all.

Face the real devil,while you in the hole.
There's nobody cares,nobody knows.
By the end of your life,darkness will get you swallowed.

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